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Alaska, Anchorage / mat-su

Vacancy expired!


[14 CFR § 119.65(d)(e) and 119.67(b)]

a. Meet or exceed the requirements of 119.67(b)

b. A comprehensive understanding of aviation safety standards and safe operating practices,

applicable regulatory requirements, PenAir's Operations Specifications, and PenAir manuals through training, experience, and/or expertise.

c. Experience in the conduct and management of systems safety programs.

d. Ability to perform the duties of this position full-time.

e. Ability to work independently and organize workload, self-motivated. Must also have good

communications ability and interpersonal skills.

f. Familiarity with the types of aircraft operated by PenAir.

g. Ability to manage department staff to its fullest capabilities in support of the Company safety


h. Qualified through training, experience, and expertise.

i. Understands applicable operations, maintenance, and Operations Specifications.


a. While his duties can be delegated to others, is responsible for the completion and currency of the appropriate aircraft CFMs as well as reviewing required changes with appropriate Company


b. Ensure safe, efficient, and effective flight operations and procedures for the airline.

c. Monitor crewmember medical, training, and checking records to ensure crewmember currency

and fitness for duty.

d. Provide current material, publications, or revisions in an appropriate form including, but not limited to:

i. Runway Analysis

ii. Special Approach Authorizations

iii. Aircraft Company Flight Manual revisions

iv. Airport Wind Chart revisions

e. Maintain comprehensive knowledge of applicable regulations, Company Operations

Specifications, and Company policy and procedures.

f. Ensure all Company pilots conform to standards as outlined in the applicable CFRs and Company policies.

g. Maintain proficiency as a pilot as required.

h. Assist the Director of Operations in establishing personnel rules, policies, and wage evaluations

for Flight Operations personnel for optimum departmental efficiency.

i. Oversee the Aircraft Fleet Managers and base Lead Pilots

j. Participate in hiring of aircraft crewmembers.

k. Participate in duties as assigned in the Emergency Response Plan Manual (ERP).

l. Attend industry meetings as appropriate.

m. Act as liaison to the Federal Aviation Administration.

n. Assume the duties and responsibilities of the Director of Operations in his absence, if assigned.

o. Responsible for the quality of the procedures associated with crewmember procedures, airmen

duties and flight deck procedures, pilot operating and recent experience, appropriate airmen,

crewmember checks and qualifications.

p. Discharge duties to meet applicable legal requirements and maintain safe operation.

q. Familiarization and training in Safety Management, including; Policy and Attributes, Hazard

Identification, Risk Analysis and Mitigation, Safety Assurance and Corrective Action, and Safety

Promotion. Safety Management functions including;

i. Hazard Identification and Safety Risk Assessment

ii. Ensuring the effectiveness of risk controls

iii. Analysis of data

iv. Safety risk acceptance

v. Safety promotion

vi. Advise the accountable executive on the performance of the SMS and on any need for



Required Job Qualifications:
Are you able to obtain airport security clearance?
Are you eligible to work in the United States?
Can you pass a background check?
Can you pass a drug test?
Can you speak, hear, read and write the English language?

Vacancy expired!