16 Oct
Christmas Light Installer $12/hr (Fayetteville)
Arkansas, Fayetteville

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We have started hanging Christmas lights and we are looking to hire a couple of crew members . These are all full time. Don't call if you want part time, that's not available.
1st, you must have a way to get to and from work. Some people have tried working for us in the past by getting rides, and that has never worked out. We can't pick you up or drop you off.
2nd, you really need to be in good physical shape. This job involves climbing and carrying things like 7' tall wreaths up ladders, loading and unloading heavy boxes into the truck for your job that day, and working outside in the heat and cold.
3rd You absolutely need to NOT be afraid of heights or working at heights. We service residential homes that are 3 stories tall, and commercial buildings that are 4 stories and up. In our warehouse, we have to be up in the air about 30' tall to get items down from our pallet racks.
4th, While we are open to all ages, all races, men, and women, we do hire based on personality. If you do not get along well with others, or have anger issues, this job is not for you. We shift crew members and foremen around based on job size, and the ideal person can work with anyone else.
5th, We ask employees to practice decent hygiene and grooming. We don't ask you to shave everyday or wear a tie, but you can't scare our clients with the way your body looks or smells. You need decent work clothes and work shoes with no holes. We provide shirts with company logos once an employee has worked for a few days and we know you'll stick. Once you receive a uniform, you will be expected to clean the shirts and wear them to work every day.
Finally, this is a seasonal job. We hang lights, garland, wreaths, and work in the shop from October 12th - December 10th or so, sometimes a bit longer, and we start taking down lights the day after Christmas until around January 25 or so. We sometimes have temporary work for folks the rest of the year, but those jobs are for events like weddings or large landscape light jobs where we need extra help. There is really no full time work available beyond take down completion.
Please text me at 479-502-1047 to set up an interview time. I will be interviewing folks starting 10/12 for these jobs and hiring people from those interviews to start immediately. The pay starts at $12 per hour for crew members. We also give cash bonuses weekly to people that are working extra hard or that impress us with their ability to contribute to the business. We offer a Christmas bonus to employees as well. As this is temporary, no health insurance or 401k is offered. We pay weekly on a payroll check with normal taxes taken out.

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