25 Mar
BI Engineer

As a BI Engineer, you will be a part of an early stage team that builds the data transport, collection, and storage, and exposes services that make data a first-class citizen. We are looking for a BI Engineer to build a scalable data platform.

Required Skill Sets

  • Experience with

    Tableau Admin.

  • Pythonor similar language for


  • Solid understanding in data development (

    ETL, Reporting, Database)

  • An ability to collaborate and work with functional teams, such as IT, Privacy, Security, Data.


  • Administer

    BI tools (Mode, Looker, Tableau).

  • Upgrade tools, add/remove users, scale the back-end, and keep the lights on

    Security integration

  • Work with security and privacy teams to build the appropriate security.

  • Develop automations.

  • Build an automatic license and security provisioning (find inactive users then disable. find employees who left and easily disable their license. integrate with TOM and automatically add users to the right groups.

  • Automatically find scheduled and non-scheduled jobs that are not been used and clean up.

  • Build

    connectorsand other functions to scale the tool for larger group of users.


    eg. airflow, presto, druid, etc).

Nice to have Skill Sets

  • Experience with Mode Admin

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