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20 Jul
Associate Lab Support Technician

Vacancy expired!

Top 3 Must Have Skill Sets:

  • Degree in

  • Laboratory experience (academic lab work or industrial)

  • Basic familiarity with HPLC systems

Day to Day Responsibilities:

Overall management of lab spaces and equipment.

Job Summary

  • CW with be essential/ onsite and asked to come on site most all days as the role is hands on lab support.

  • The candidate can be fresh out of school with a BS/ BA or 1-2yrs industrial experience + degree.

General Job Description:

  • The individual will be responsible for general lab support for our synthetic chemistry labs managing the maintenance activities of analytical instrumentation, lab automation tools, and reactor equipment. Reporting directly into the lab captain, additional responsibilities include maintaining the general order of the labs, placing work orders, assisting chemists with equipment set ups, and participation in lab work center safety meetings.

Core Responsibilities:

  • Ensure open-access instrument upkeep, organization of associated components and consumables via daily Lab walk-throughs

  • Organize lab POU stockroom working as primary contact with Amgen’s on-site supplier

  • Maintain and order general laboratory supplies as needed

  • Generate equipment and chemical Purchase Orders at the request of Lab Captains

  • Initiate work orders for equipment repairs, maintenance, installation, and removal

  • HPLC management including system checks, mobile phase prep, and service requests

  • HPLC software file management including transferring and uploading pre-established methods

  • Work directly with Lab ambassadors coordinating equipment PMs and repairs and provide verbal updates at Lab meetings

  • Periodic maintenance/ upkeep of walk up instrumentation including KF titrator, microscope, automated reactors, chromatography system.

  • Maintain online tracking tool to manage instrument usage and operational status

  • Perform PM activities of lab refrigerators/freezers/centrifuges

  • Assist Chemists where appropriate with equipment/ reactor/ heat exchanger setup.

  • Keep track of non-regulated instrument PM schedules and serve as a business POC for maintenance and repair issues

  • Generates shipping documents and coordinates movement of chemical samples and materials between sites and contractors


  • Ensure general tidiness of Lab common areas

  • Clean/decontaminate equipment and hood surfaces where applicable

  • Participate in regularly scheduled lab cleanout activities

  • Perform any additional administrative activities requested by Amgen supervisor

  • Additional non-core Responsibilities:

  • Assist with solution prep of multi-well plates for chemical intermediate and drug substance testing involving weighing solids and liquid pipette dispensing

  • Assist with routine analysis of chemical intermediates and drug substance by NMR, GC, Karl Fisher titration, HPLC, LC-MS.

"This posting is for Contingent Worker, not an FTE"

Vacancy expired!

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