24 Oct
Delaware, Delaware

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Sandblaster position located near Kennett Square, PA. This is a full time job with benefits!
Using blasting equipment (sand, shot, or other abrasives) to prepare metal surfaces for industrial processes. Blasting tasks will include removal of rust, scales, paint, and other metal surface treatments to impart specified metal finishes or blasted metal profiles. Job requires substantial manual labor activity and is physically demanding. Work environment is inherently dusty, loud, and noisy, and personal protective equipment (PPE) must be worn while the work is done. Candidate will use shovels, brooms and vacuum systems to move abrasives within the blasting processes. Routine manipulation of grit bags and containers to keep equipment operational is required. Candidate will also do light mechanical servicing of their own equipment to assure ongoing regular operations.
Shovels or pours abrasives, such as sand, grit, or shot of specified grade into machine hoppers or tubs. Containers often weight 50 pounds and must be handled without assistance.
Mask parts to prevent certain areas of a work piece from being abraded, by applying protective guards, or masking film, tape and rubber in designated areas. Removal of masking at the conclusion of blasting operations.
Loads parts on racks in enclosed rooms, or into blast cabinets, removal of same.
Manually directs the blast / flow of abrasive-laden high velocity gas streams onto work parts, taking care to expose all surfaces evenly to the blasting actions, while avoiding over blasting of areas which can damage metal parts.
Adjusts equipment to regulate pressure and composition of abrasive mixture flowing through blasting nozzles.
Examines finish blasted parts to ensure conformance to specifications and inspect steel for damage.
Performs maintenance to associated equipment to ensure all remains in proper working order.
Material handling tasks for parts and abrasives routinely involves mechanical devices like pallet jacks and forklifts.
Relies on instructions and pre-established guidelines to perform the functions of the job; and works under the guidance of a supervisor for work assignments and task prioritization.
A high school diploma or equivalent is required. Previous work experience in an industrial environment also very useful. Understanding of simple mechanics, lifting devices, material handling and basic mechanical principles is required. Must be capable of operating a forklift (training will be provided, if past experience/ knowledge is absent). Must be able to use simple hand tools. Must be able to work autonomously, be a self-starter and adaptable to address changing priorities and the needs of a fast-paced work environment.
Medical, Dental, Vision, Life insurance, Short and Long term disability, Flexible Spending accounts,
401k with match.