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Housekeepers provide daily housekeeping services to maintain the Center's safety, sanitation, and attractive condition. Housekeepers are expected to perform the same task daily and in a courteous manner despite frequent interruptions. Performs other duties as assigned.
1. Follows written policies and procedures of the Housekeeping Department under the direction of the supervisor.
•Follows and completes cleaning schedules within the allotted time.
•Observes proper infection control standards.
2. Maintains clean and sanitary conditions in assigned areas as directed, according to established standards, observing proper cleaning and disinfecting techniques.
•Cleans floors; mops and vacuums.
•Cleans walls, windows, doors, and ceilings.
•Cleans moveable and stationary furnishings and fixtures.
•Cleans horizontal surfaces daily or as required.
•Cleans bathrooms and fixtures.
•Prepares vacated rooms.
3. Performs janitorial and minor maintenance tasks to maintain cleanliness and orderliness in assigned areas.
•Removes for cleaning and re-hangs curtains, drapes, and cubicle curtains.
•Checks the condition of lights and fixtures and reports burned-out or inoperative lights.
•Empties and cleans wastebaskets and disposes of waste and trash. d. Replenishes supplies, such as toilet tissue, paper towels, soap, and cleaning materials.
4. Maintains equipment used in performing duties.
•Keeps equipment clean and well organized.
•Reports observations concerning structural and equipment wear defects and malfunctioning to the Supervisor.
5. Acts as a "Mandatory Reporter" by reporting incidents/accidents to a Supervisor and completing the witness reporting per State and Federal Regulations.
6. Performs additional duties as specified by the Supervisor or Administrator.
7. Maintains the confidentiality of resident care information including protected health information.
•Disinfect and sterilize equipment and supplies using germicides and sterilizing equipment. KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS, AND
•Ability to take initiative and show good judgment.
•Ability to become familiar with physical arrangement of Center.
•Demonstrates organizational skills.
•Ability to work independently and as a team member.
•Ability to communicate effectively in English, including following instructions and learning procedures. (The majority of Center residents are English-speaking. Therefore, English is required for a resident to communicate wants and needs.)

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