23 Oct
Gestational Surrogate Mothers Needed - Apply Now, Up to $70,000 (illinois)
Illinois, Bloomington-normal

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If you are a caring and healthy young woman, please consider helping a family through the gift of surrogacy. We offer generous compensation up to $55,000 for prior surrogates. First time surrogates up to $30,000.
If you are very responsible and can answer yes to the following, please apply.
• Are you 21-44 years of age?
• Are you healthy & a non-smoker?
• Surrogates must have given birth to at least one child and be actively raising that child.
• I do not use recreational drugs.
• I am height & weight proportionate.
• I have access to the medical and genetic history of my biological family.
• Surrogates and their husbands/partners must be willing to participate in a medical evaluation to include physical, psychological and drug screening.
• I have not had any tattoos or body piercings within the past six months.
• I have not had a Norplant birth control device or taken Depo-Provera in the past 6 months.
• I am willing to travel for 4-5 days (all expenses paid) to a fertility clinic approved by the American Medical Association for participation in a surrogate embryo transfer and or medical screening Or, my primary residence is in a major metropolitan area.
• I am willing to self inject medications for my participation as a surrogate.
***Please note that instructions for administrating the medications will be provided by a Registered Nurse***
Please visit our website (www.hbed.net) or call (815-839-1101) our office for additional details.