25 Mar
Maintenance Supervisor

The Maintenance Supervisor ensures the production equipment is maintained to such a level allowing us to meet our commitments to our Customer our Company and to our People.

Key Responsibilities

  1. Operates continually promoting the 3P’s: Purpose, Process and People.

  2. Identify, recognize and seek out People with “talent” to enable our future growth.

  3. Develop, Manage and train the maintenance mechanics / helpers to establish peak consistent performance, matching the skills of the task with the skills of the mechanic/helper.

  4. Ensure production line set up is conducive to a safe and ergonomically sound operation.

  5. Ensure the production equipment is operating safely and efficiently.

  6. Ensure the Line Leads are trained to make the necessary adjustments to optimize production output.

  7. Ensure all production equipment PM’s are documented and completed to schedule.

  8. Manage the cage ensuring all required parts are on hand, all tools are organized and accessible and the cage is tour ready at all times.

  9. React and dispatch maintenance to minimize any and all downtime events, proactively seeking out outside assistance when required.

  10. Actively participate and report out in all daily production meetings.

  11. Ensure and abide by all safety procedures, focusing strongly on all lockout tagout and HAZCOM requirements.

  12. Champion the culture of Doing it Right, Doing it Safe and Doing Well and abide by all written and understood procedures and policies.

  13. All other duties as assigned, including but not limited to the identification and training of an individual capable of successfully completing all stated Key Responsibilities as appropriate to maintain integrity of position for progression planning and coverage during times of absence.

Cultural Competencies

Do It Right

  • Doing what is right for our customers, doing what is right for our company and doing what is right for our People. Continually improving the quality of our product and services. Monitoring and measuring every key ingredient which could negatively impact our quality. Doing it Right ensures we will always be a

    Premier Service Provider.

Do It Safe

  • Providing a safe environment and supporting our people to reach their highest potential. A safe environment where all forms of risk are assessed and controlled. A safe environment open to new ideas, where our people’s opinions and overall well-being count. A diverse environment where everyone fits and can be successful.

Do It Well

  • Optimizing all our resources to efficiently and effectively perform all tasks well. Our overall productivity as a company is a reflection of the thousands of activities performed well each and every day by everyone. Our ability to

    Do it Well is a real source of pride valued by our customers.

Knowledge Skills and Capabilities

Work Environment / Physical Demands.

Fast paced, requiring good fact based thinking skills, ability to work unsupervised, ability to inspire a group to achieve a high level of success, the desire to help and guide others, the skills to establish repetitious routines and be able to adjust all routines as required, the desire to naturally look for ideas to improve and to motivate others to adapt to all changes. The ability to be both preventive, predictive and also react under pressure in a safe logical manner.

The physical demands are typical of a warehouse environment.

Decision Making

The ability to operate independently and make logical business decisions, analyze and assess a problem, but also being able to ask for support in unknown areas.

Communication Skills

The ability to communicate with facts, to balance talking with listening, to use communication to inspire People to achieve results.


Being motivated by high risk situations, being part of a high performing team, creating an encouraging atmosphere and focusing on production efficiencies and continual improvement.

Information Process

Determining how information fits together and how the information relates to production efficiency.

Problem Solving

The ability to break a problem down into steps and produce a logical timely solution.

Time Management

The ability to manage one’s time effectively, schedule and prioritize tasks in accordance with the demands of the day.

Performance Metrics and Trends

  • Production Line Uptime

  • Scheduled PM’s completed.

  • Development of the team.

  • Retention of the team.

  • Completed Safety Observations

  • SQF / Customer or regulatory compliance / audits / certifications