23 Oct
Kansas, Lawrence

Vacancy expired!

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Are you tired of the same old trucking bull$h!t? Tired of all of the trucking cliches? We are, too! We'll tell it to you straight -- we have an awesome program -- we're proud of it -- you'll like working here, but it won't all be sunshine and rainbows. What we can offer you is a good job; stability; good equipment; a down-to-earth, kick a@@ company owner who genuinely cares about drivers. We have a solid lease purchase program -- you won't be rich but you're going to be earning a good living, and you'll have the pride of owning your own truck.

6-weeks of FREE truck payments!
Sign-on bonus of $500
of which $250 will be paid at completion of orientation, $250 at dispatch and the additional 250.00 to be paid after the initial 6 weeks free payments.
$3,800 VALUE!
Team Lease Purchase drivers are eligible for 4 weeks of free truck payments, plus a $3,000 sign-on bonus!
***Exclusively For Lease Purchase Drivers***

Let us tell you a little about our program. We offer two lease options:Payment Options:-Option 1- Fixed Lease - Every week the driver has a fixed, flat weekly payment. Almost all lease purchase programs are fixed leases. Payments start as low as $485 a week!

Option 2 - Pay-Per-Mile Lease - Riverside Transportation's Variable lease is what makes us unique. We set the truck payment as a prorated per-mile charge. Drivers only pay payments for the miles they use the truck. This ensures that you will never fall behind on payments because you did not get enough miles in a week, or if you took a week for hometime. If driver has 0 miles for the week, then they would not have to pay anything that week in truck payments.
What makes us so special?
We give drivers the choice of which truck they want to lease.
We let drivers choose how they want to pay us back for their lease payment.
All of our lease drivers get a full-service, bumper-to-bumper warranty for the lifetime of their lease.
Full Service Warranty:-

We offer full service, 100%, bumper-to-bumper warranty on all of our equipment. This means that drivers will never again have to pay out of pocket for maintenance, oil changes, PM's, or any repair bills while they are working towards paying the truck off. Breakdowns will never break the bank!
For more information call 888-604-9075 EQUIPMENT:-
We offer new equipment. The oldest truck in our fleet is a 2014. We offer 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017s! :For more information call 888-604-9075 ORIENTATION:-
For orientation, we provide you with a rental car or flight to one of our terminals. We put you in a PRIVATE ROOM, in a nice hotel! We provide all your meals while you're here.

We are pet and rider friendly!

Visit us at www.riversidetransport.com
Apply here now-->https://intelliapp2.driverapponline.com/c/riversidetrans?r=craigslist

Vacancy expired!