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21 Jul
Client Communications Expert
Massachusetts, Boston

Vacancy expired!

As part of our North America Client Communications team, you'll join a global practice of Client Communications experts which is growing in the US to meet strong demand.

You'll be based in our New York, Atlanta, Dallas, Denver, or San Francisco office, reporting to our Global Director of Client Communications, and working with teams and clients across the US.

You'll work with teams both in our offices and at client sites, often travelling in the early days of building a relationship and then settling into a mode of serving mostly remotely.

You'll work directly with clients and teams to develop high-impact strategies, peak experiences, and compelling documents.

As you work side by side with teams and clients, you'll also build their skills through informal coaching and structured training. Every day, you'll help teams up their creative game and execute brilliantly across all media and modes.

You'll serve as a client strategist. You'll work directly with communications leaders and top level executives at our clients to help them transform their organizations. Your expertise in designing and delivering change campaigns will help clients navigate mergers, new strategy rollouts, and performance transformations. You'll coach senior executives on how to tell their stories and communications teams on how to lead change in new ways.

You'll be a consultant thought partner. Your expertise in communications strategy will make you a true thought partner to consulting teams. You'll help teams look at the big picture over the course of a project: how we keep our clients engaged throughout our work, and how we leave them inspired to act on the ideas we've developed together. You'll help consultants start studies well by understanding important stakeholders so we can develop recommendations that resonate, and you'll stay involved over the course of an engagement to help adjust our approach based on what we're learning.

You'll be a content and experience guru. You'll help structure, write and revise individual pieces so they're compelling and crystal clear. Sometimes, you'll hold the pen yourself; other times, you'll join creative teams working in a broad range of digital formats. Often, you'll broaden a team's thinking by stepping back from the document to suggest a different approach entirely, advising on the best media, structure, style and content to use. You'll help teams think more holistically about the experience clients have when we share information with them, and how we can use workshops, hackathons, and other meeting formats to build momentum and excitement.

You'll serve as a coach and teacher. You'll make our teams even better, both in the moment and after they've worked with you. As you work side by side with consulting teams, you'll spot opportunities to help colleagues build their skills for the long term, sharing principles and tips they can internalize and build on. You'll occasionally codify your expertise into new best practices that teams around the world can benefit from.

You'll be a change leader. You'll help lead an institutional shift in how McKinsey consultants think about their client communications: away from a default to Powerpoint, and towards a thoughtful approach that emphasizes narrative, a wider range of tools and media, and a strategy tailored to the client situation. At the same time, you'll emphasize the importance of core foundational skills like compelling writing, structured thinking, and powerful presenting.

  • 10+ years of experience in a business communications-related field

  • Experience as a communications leader in a corporate environment, ideally in a large international organization

  • Experience in professional services (broadly defined), ideally in a partnership

  • High intelligence with the ability to absorb new information rapidly and grapple with a wide range of complex business issues

  • Excellent academic qualifications (ideally a Bachelor's or Master's in a field related to business or communications)

  • Experience working with a range of business communications media (e.g. writing, presentation, video, animation)

  • Strong critical reasoning and problem-solving skills

  • Excellent influencing and interpersonal skills

  • Outstanding editing and persuasive writing skills

  • High degree of presence, credibility and confidence in working with senior colleagues

  • Experience with and enthusiasm for coaching colleagues while working alongside them

  • Empathy and ability to represent the client's perspective

  • Flexibility and the ability to gracefully navigate ambiguity, deadline pressure and conflicting requests

  • Self-motivation, with a talent for working in an entrepreneurial way in an unstructured environment

  • Deeply wired client service mindset, with strong networking skills to build up an internal 'client base'

  • Team orientation, with a strong sense of commitment to team members and client impact

  • Sensitivity to and discretion in handling confidential information

Vacancy expired!

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