16 Oct
Metal Restoration, polishing, finishing, buffing, and plating (Norton Shores)
Michigan, Muskegon

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Kro-Pro, LLC is a custom metal finishing and chrome plating shop. It is the last in West Michigan to service the public for custom plating. We are currently a small shop, but with great growth potential. This is not an hourly pay rate job. It will be a 1099, and pay is: job rate. Pay is weekly.
As a 1099 you may come and go as you please with this job; some minor stipulations. One can work as few hours as they want or over 40.
Anyone handy with their hands will probably be able to learn this job.
Helpful skills but not necessarily required:
Polishing and Buffing experience (very helpful)
Welding (quite helpful)
Quality Control (helpful, must be approved quality to get paid so knowing if you are doing good enough is a plus)
An understanding of electroplating (One can make more money doing their own plating)
Following basic taught systems (If you can follow a system when taught you can do great at this job)
Automotive body work (60% of our business is classic automotive and the metal often needs body work done with straightening and copper for body filler)
Knowing basic tools (If you cannot use a hammar, a pair of plyers, and wire snips proficiently do not waste your time)
This is a great job for someone who does not desire to get a college education or work in a office. This job requires great quality work. This is not a job for someone wanting a short term job. This is a career type job.

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