04 Jun
Assistant Manager
Minnesota, Minneapolis / st paul

Vacancy expired!

Position Description:
The Assistant Manager (AM) has the responsibility of managing the daily operations of a single restaurant, in accordance with company QSC standards as defined by the Operations manual, for an assigned shift or in the absence of the Restaurant Manager. This position is the third of three levels in the Restaurant Management chain of command.
Dimensions:Staff Supervised:
Up to 12 Crew Members per shift
Hourly Shift Supervisors
Nature and Scope:
This position reports to the Restaurant Manager. Reporting to this position may be up to 12 crewmembers on a shift.
Proven written, verbal and interpersonal skills are required.
Verbal, written and comprehension of the English language is required.
Essential Functions (Managerial):
Successful completion of Assistant Manager Training
Work variety of shifts
Perform Crew Member positions
Perform Night Porter duties
Pass all required tests
Perform duties to standards
Demonstrate ability to maneuver through all areas of the GURU system: Calendar, Ops Manual, Equipment Emphasis Guides, etc.
Positioning of crew members
Refer to Crew Member Proficiency Chart and corporate guidelines
Schedule crew members
Review Crew Member Proficiency Charts
Review Crew Member scheduling requests
Utilize Daily Routine guides
Delegate any necessary duties to crew members
Document any items to be communicated to other managers in Manager’s Log
Review and update Manager’s Log
Identify important information
Perform necessary duties noted in the Manager’s Log
Input information to be passed to other managers
Train new crew members
Demonstrate ability to enter new crew members into the GURU system
Demonstrate ability to complete crew member scorecards
Ability to coach team members in on GURU modules
Demonstrate proper procedure to crew members
Communicate necessary information to the crew member
Observe the crew member performing the tasks at the workstation and provide feedback
Assist the crew member if necessary
Perform crew member positions (Refer to Essential Functions lists for Crew Member positions)
Operate equipment
Assist crew members and answer questions
Respond to crew member’s request for assistance
Move through the restaurant while managing the operation
Resolve any issues or problems

Take deposit/get change from the bank
Go to the bank
Transport money bag containing bills and coins
Process Paperwork
Communicate with bank employees
At times requires handling of heavy coins

Process Crew Member over rings at the Front Counter and Drive-Thru
Respond to Crew Member requests for assistance
Sign the over ring following RedKing policy.
Reconcile the over ring before the cash drawer is counted
Identify total on the receipt
Count Cash
Process paperwork

Oversee verification of individual drawers
Observe Crew Members
Count Cash
Attach over rings, coupons, crew and manager meals to drawer break sheets

Break the restaurant bank
Count Cash
Process Paperwork
Enter information into the P.O.S. device

Complete Cash Reconciliation Worksheet
Process Paperwork
Perform calculations

Inspect indoor and outdoor areas of the restaurant (all forms of Travel Paths)
Open doors
Move through restaurant
Move through parking lot and playground areas
Inspect equipment conditions
Reach, Bend, Stoop
Calibrate thermometers and equipment
Complete QSC Checklist
Measure temperature
Taste Drinks
Check shortening levels
Perform syrup calibration
Clean the air-cooled condenser of shake machine
Perform the 12 Criticals checklist
Take speed of service times
Document appropriate paperwork
Move through restaurant area
Reach, Bend, Stoop
Follow procedures carefully
Use stop watch

Inspect and troubleshoot malfunctions of equipment and facilities
Access equipment
Refer to equipment manual
Go to basement, roof, etc.
Reach, bend, stoop
Use necessary tools
Move through the restaurant

Control restaurant environmental factors
Control music, lighting, room temperature
Turn dials and switches

Work any Crew Member position
Refer to Essential Functions Lists for Crew Member Positions
Refer to Essential Functions Lists for Crew Member positions

Perform heavy cleaning duties
Refer to Essential Functions Lists for the Night Porter position
Refer to Essential Functions List for the Night Porter Position

Confirm deliveries
Identify product labeling
Match with products on delivery paperwork
Check off items
Sign paperwork
Enter inventory received into POS device
Date products

Adjust product stock levels
Press button
Ensure sign displays correct level number
Review stocking charts according to the operations manual

Perform inventory for closing
Count stock in storage areas, coolers, and freezers
Count/measure waste
Record final counts
Enter counts into the P.O.S. device
Process Paperwork
Perform inventory for closing/month end
Know where to find errors in over/short items.
Move through kitchen and storage areas
Reach, Bend, Stoop
Lift, lower, and/or move boxes
Use scales to weigh condiments, shake mix, and waste
Count waste items in waste container
Use calculator
Convert product amounts to proper units of measure
Inventory all items in the restaurant

Monitor restaurant activities periodically throughout the shift( all levels of Travel Paths)
Move through kitchen, dining room, playground, storage areas
Delegate necessary duties to crew members
Document any items to be communicated to other managers in Manager’s Log

Perform Product Tests and Temperature Readings as required
Work with hot product

Handle guest complaints and inquiries
Meet or speak with guest on the phone or in person
Able to use the B.L.A.S.T. technique
Handle sensitive situations with guests
Resolve the dilemma as quickly as possible and check equipment if applicable
Counsel crew member(s), take appropriate action

Lock/unlock doors, drive-thru window(s)
Use key
Double check door

Ensure that guest have left the restaurant at closing
Move through dining room, playground area, and restroom areas
Follow Back Door Security Policy (4-00)
Follow No Loitering Policy (1-00)

Open/close safe
Remember code
Enter code
Open door
Close door
Double check door

Set the security system
Remember code
Enter code

Check parking lot before opening or closing the restaurant
Observe from a distance after dark, through windows, or from car

Interview potential applicants
Determine restaurant labor needs
Screen applications
Perform interviews
Check references
Make hiring recommendations

Conduct Performance Appraisals for crew members
Plan and schedule the appraisal
Conduct the appraisal
Complete the appraisal form
Document and file documentation
Meet one-on-one with crew members
Complete paperwork

Arrange maintenance and upkeep of facilities and equipment
Contract with outside agencies
Communicate with contractors
Process paperwork as required

Receive and store products
Refer to Essential Functions Lists for the Day Porter position
Refer to Essential Functions Lists for the Day Porter position
Other Essential Functions (REQUIRED):
Comply with all required Burger King operational standards
Insure all employees comply

Comply with all RedKing Foods LLC. policies/procedures
Insure all employees comply
Brand: Burger King
Address: 96 W 66th St Minneapolis, MN - 55423
Property Description: 9826 - W Th St - Richfield, MN
Property Number: 9826

Vacancy expired!

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