13 Oct
Locomotive Switchman (Kansas City, KS)
Missouri, Kansas city

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Erman Corporation, Inc. is now Hiring:
- Must have 1 year locomotive switchman experience
- Must have a clean back ground and pass drug screen
- Must have basic technical knowledge of locomotive operation and understanding of rail cars
- Must understand general knowledge of communication and rail yard terminology
- Must have experience in riding rail cars, climbing on to equipment, applying and releasing air brakes, working with air hoses and uncoupling cars
- Must be able to lift minimum of 55 lbs
- Must be able to communicate and take direction well, be flexible with other team members
- Must be able to perform various tasks and support organization including but not limited to general labor, general cleaning and general maintenance of locomotive
- Adhere to all work and safety rules
Send resume to rroth@ermangroup.com

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