02 Jul
Firmware Engineer
New York, Buffalo

Sensorcon (a division of Molex) researches, develops, and manufactures sensor and wireless devices for industrial and commercial applications. Our division is small, but growing, and we're expanding our engineering team! We’re looking for developers proficient in ARM controller programming. Applicants must have experience in the industry, and a portfolio of projects to discuss.

Responsibilities will include development of new applications, the ability to develop, test, and verify fully featured wireless sensor applications, and the ability to develop, present, and implement a state machine. The applicant will need to be self sufficient and able to develop test procedures to debug problems.

Job Requirements
1+ years experience programming MCUs and/or ARM processors
1+ years experience with electronics and skills with at least 3 or more of the following: Digital Multimeter (DMM), Oscilloscope, Power Supply, Logic Analyzer, J-TAG debugger, Solder Rework
1+ years experience with at least one of these communication protocols: I2C, Serial, and SPI communication
1+ years experience with Hardware/Software integration and debugging
Experience with verification and validation in at least one project
5 years of experience with the basic qualifications plus proficiency in developing hardware drivers / hardware abstraction layer (HAL), and experience with analog sensor development or wireless sensor networking, particularly industrial mesh networking protocols
experience with TI MSP430, 8051, ARM Cortex M architectures
Experience with Linux

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