28 Oct
Licensing Agent
Oklahoma, Lawton

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Section 100. Purpose A. Provide a guideline for the role of Licensing Agent of the Comanche Nation Gaming Commission (CNGC). Section 101.

Role of Licensing Agent A. The Licensing Agent reports to the Licensing Director. Their main responsibility is to assist in the coordination, evaluation and the processing and reporting of licensing and background investigation activities. B.
The Licensing Agent performs their job requirements through: 1. Perform the licensing process for the following: a. Employees; b. Facilities; c.

Gaming Machines; and d. Vendors. 2. Track, invoice and collect the following fees: a.

Facility License Fee’s; b. 1% of Gaming Vendor Revenue Share Fee’s; c. Employee Licensing Fee’s; d. Gaming Machine Fee’s; and e.

Vendor Licensing Fee’s. 3. Perform the employee licensing and background investigation function. 4.

Input background checks into 3rd party verifier and pull background results in a timely manner. October 1, 2012 CNGC-P-30-120 Page 2 of 2 5. Adhere to all CNGC policies and procedures. 6.

Assign badge numbers and update licensing databases. 7. Update Licensing Employee Lists daily from Personnel Action Forms (PAF) received, to ensure Casino Human Resources coincides with Gaming Commission. 8.

Print and distribute gaming commission badges. 9. Maintain an open line of communication between the Casino Human Resource Department and the Gaming Commission regarding the status of individual’s gaming license. 10.

Organize files on applicants for hearings to be conducted by the Gaming Commission. 11. Verify information provided on licensing applications. 12.

Maintain licensing files in an organized manner. 13. Report all matters that arise during the licensing process to the Licensing Director. 14.

Perform other duties and projects as directed by the Licensing Director. C. Licensing Agents are required to update the Licensing Monthly Report daily, located on the Licensing shared computer drive. The following should be documented on the Licensing Monthly Report: 1.

Date; 2. Activities Performed; and 3. Concerns, issues or recommendations that may affect the performance of the department.

Vacancy expired!