02 Jul
General Programming for Math Apps under Windows (Medford)
Oregon, Medford-ashland

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Interest in Math, Engineering, and/or Science.
Work includes:
A. Learn INNO Setup Scripts (??? downloads) and NotePad++ (23+ million downloads) Apps ... both are Freeware.
1. INNO Setup Script for "SignTool" that allows a download to execute w/o prompting user. 5 Apps in need of this SignTool.
2. Learn to edit multiple files with NotePad++.
3. Verify "Donate" page to insure that a donation does go thru.
4. Verify (Ping?) e-mail address on web page ... need to know if educational user.
5. Test my 5 apps for any download/install/execution errors.
B. Later work:
6. Check website (50 or so pages) for any errors.
7. Convert Windows Batch files to EXE files.
My apps are mostly FreeWare that were created with a new type of Compiler. These apps are example math problems that solve a users problem, show results, and include source code. Do you have a math problem to solve and make into a freeware app? If so, I'll help you get going.