23 Oct
Needed: Sweet-talkin' Happiness Coordinator (Myrtle Beach)
South Carolina, Myrtle beach

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When you get on the phone with customer service representatives, they brighten and start giving you better customer service.
You get them to do all sorts of things for you that they wouldn't normally be allowed to
Just because you know how to be sweet and caring on the phone.
In fact, you've stopped counting the number of times people have said
that the sound of your voice has made their day.You can't explain why you sound so happy.
You like to think that it's not just the sound of your voice. It's who you are. You have this knack for taking care of people
Thinking of every thing they would need to feel comfortable
Down to the tiniest details.
Even when a million things want your attention,
Your voice is still sweet and attentive to the one person you're talking to.
Most people don't realize that your secret is your incredible organizational skills
Who doesn't match and fold their socks?
That's not OCD, it just makes life easier!
And talk about making life easier, you get things done.You accomplish goals, make new ones... and accomplish them too.
And the whole time, you do it with a smile,
Making everyone around you happier and more organized.
If you don't realize how special you are, we do!
I know you don't want to admit it, ('cause you're humble too),
But you're a sweet-talking, organizational, goal conquering rockstar!We need your skills to listen to the needs of our customers,Your organization to dispatch the perfect technician for each problem,And your drive to get it all done.
We'll give you the security of forty, well-paid hours every week,
We're talking lots of bonuses, health care, opportunities for raises.
We have several flexible schedules available.
We're not going to overwork you,
But this is a flexible schedule that centers around serving people when they need it.
We know the average call taker makes around $24K per year... but we aren't average and neither is the person we are looking for... So expect to make more than that with us.You'll be making people happy all day (and some nights).
Talking to people on the phone,
Constantly having new projects to make our systems and lives even better,
Having tons of fun with the rest of our office staff and technician family,
Connecting our amazing service to homes that need comfort and safety,Letting your care, organization and joy shine for everyone to see.
If you're still reading, you're the kind of detailed person we need,
and you're probably wondering who we are.We're One Hour Heating and Air Conditioning.
Serving Myrtle Beach and the surrounding area with Heart and Excellence.
You don't have to have previous experience with heating and air conditioning.
We'll teach you all that stuff.You do have to fulfill these requirements...
• Self-Motivated
• A Multi-Tasker
• A GREAT Communicator
• A Team Player
• A Forward Thinker
• Full of Respect for Others
• Super Honest
• On-Time... ALWAYS
• Some Customer Service experience
• You can read maps
• Good at using Microsoft Word & Excel
• You've got a high school diploma or GED
• Drug and Crime Free (we check)
• An Actually Happy PersonOh, and one more thing...
You're going to have to dance.Everyone who works here dances on their first day.
People who won't, don't last.
If ya got all that down, send us an email to Jobs@OneHourMAGIC.com Tell us your availability to work and when's best for an interview. You can ATTACH YOUR RESUME´, but don't do it. I'm serious. We're looking for very detailed people, not people who can skim an email and send a resumé with the places they've worked.
Instead, I'd like you to attach a letter telling me a couple examples of when people have commented about your happy sounding voice, the kind of things you like to organize and improve in your spare time, and why you'd really love to make a career out of being a client care representative for our family. Oh, and please put, "#Happy Dancer" as your subject and opening line. If it doesn't have that, we won't even read it. Here's to detailed people like you!
Once you've contacted us, we'll look over everything you sent.Then we'll contact you for an interview, if ya make the cut.
Please don't CALL US FIRST, because we're busy takin' care of lots of families.
People who do CALL BEFORE WE CALL YOU will be eliminated from contention.
This is really a fun place to work.
We have parties.
We joke.
We laugh.
We work hard.We make sure to take care of our team with the money
And career advancement opportunities that make you feel valued.
It's cause we know that happy employees make happy customers.
So we gotta make sure you're as special as the rest of our family.
C'mon', rockstar, we've got a spot waiting for your awesomeness!