19 Oct
Any Handymen/remodelers want to make up to $70,000/yr+week in Hawaii? (Bentonville, Arkansas USA)
Territories, Puerto rico

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No work visa needed. Work all year or just work 8-10 months and return home for vacation!
This is permanent year round full time work. This is not a temporary visa job!
We also have mowing, landscape, cleaning, window washing, power washing, mechanic, sales, management, estimator, painter, fence jobs too! You can do different types of work. We will teach you new skills! Jobs are first come! First people hired get to pick best jobs.
Sign up for Hawaii trip has started. It is open to people that work full time with us. you will be told details about it your first day of work.
I can't tell you details of each job cause we do thousands of jobs a year and they are all different. This is handyman or remodel or landscape work. Look at the pictures on our website cedarvalleymanagement.com for samples of what we do. Any emails asking what kind of work is it will be deleted and not replied to. Google handyman, remodel, landscape, power wash, paint if you need to know what type of work or what you will do.
Our most experienced guys make up to $70,000 a year. Top guys make between $30 an hour to $60 an hour. A lot of the jobs you have to look at and tell me how much to pay you. You price the job and we take a commission for doing office work and pay you the rest. I don't know how much a year you are going to make. It depends how many hours and days you want to work and how good you are. Pay is weekly and on Mondays. Guys with own truck and tools get higher pay. You can start out with us using company truck and tools and then when you can buy your own tools we will pay you higher rate!
We are hiring everyone that applies so just tell us how soon you can come and start. We are too busy to send tons of emails to everyone. If you need work you can start as soon as you get here. Just tell us when you are coming! We will find work for you or train you. We have entry level jobs if you don't have experience. Entry level jobs start at $10 - $15 per hour DOE. Pay is weekly on Mondays.
Make enough money to send money home or move your family here for schools, colleges, parks, lakes, fishing, sports, art and more!
Lots of Puerto Ricans moving here weekly! Some have made up to $10,000 last 2 months while Hurricanes hit.
No we do not pay moving costs or housing cause people just run off and leave us and don't work or pay us back but we have people that can share costs with you. But you have to get place first and decide what to charge them for rent. Search apartments in Bentonville or Rogers Arkansas. http://www.lindseymanagement.com/cgi-bin/detail.cgi?type=apt&id=35&cit.. this one is right by us and 1 the cheapest. Look on Fayetteville Arkansas Craigslist.org too. Many houses and apartments looking for a roommate. Some only $50 a week! Hotels are $300 a week/$900 a month. You have a small kitchen and living room in your room and furniture, tv. cable, internet, stove, fridge, microwave and dishes provided. They wash bed sheets and clean once a week for you. But this is a more expensive option.
We can start you now! If this ad is still posted we are still hiring. We need 500 guys over the next 5 years cause we are growing so fast and expanding world wide! We are training and promoting people to be managers of new offices in other states. Mangers of those offices Will make $50,000 to $1 million a year depending on sales volume! YOU HAVE TO START OUT WORKING WITH US AT ARKANSAS OFFICE AND GO THROUGH MANAGEMENT TRAINING PROGRAM!
KISS IS HERE NEXT WEEK! http://www.arkansasmusicpavilion.com/events/kiss/
Here are concerts we bought tickets for our guys to go see with us in the past! http://www.arkansasmusicpavilion.com/past-events/. Sign up for free concert tickets for 2018 will be starting very soon! We buy tickets for people working when they first go on sale.
The pictures show the area we work. The small red circle is current primary area where most the jobs are. The bigger red circle is the expansion area we are expanding into and have some jobs now, mostly new commercial construction. Tulsa, Fort Smith, Joplin and Springfield are going to be 1st 4 branch offices that we are hiring and training branch managers right now for.
If you still have questions ask the questions in the first email! Emails that only say "need more info" will not be replied too! This is all the info we have to give you. We will answer your questions and also edit this posting to include questions and answers so others can see. But when you just ask for more info I do not know what to tell you.
Cedar Valley Management
9835 E. Plentywood Rd.
Bentonville, AR 72712
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