17 Oct
$5000+ / Month / Week / Day! Greater TV Service! FREE 3-Day Trial !
Texas, Austin

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I am very glad you stopped to look at this great once-in-a lifetime opportunity!
My name is Alexander Diamonds & I am a 4 Star Director for TVizion.
In less than a few months I have skyrocketed my business to the top level of this
incredible organization...and it's growing exponentially...and it's still in it's infancy,
so YOU TOO, can do the same...and I am here to help you do so. You could not be in better
hands to get you started on the business you have been waiting for All Your Life!
Get Ready as this is my 2nd Time Running This Ad & I Got Landslided A Month Ago!
Does anyone remember when TV was at one time TOTALLY FREE?! WOW! People now pay an average of $100 to $250 PER MONTH ! It's become 'Highway Robbery'!
How would you like to get The Best TV Service...In The World...Better Than Any Service out Anywhere... for a FRACTION of what people pay now, OR... would you like it for FREE...OR...Better Yet... What if TV Pays YOU...a Ton Of Money Instead !!!!!!
GET THIS ! I am going to let you try it out for FREE for 3 DAYS...so you can see for yourself that you are going to make everyone you know deliriously happy and...make yourself more money that you'll know what to do with! Keep reading !
That's Right! You will be able to get the best TV Service For FREE For 3 DAYS...
and...You Will Never Be The Same...and...Your Banker Is Going To Love You Bringing In Your DAILY... Profits Into His Bank!
I informed you in my ads all last month that we are experiencing explosive growth. This is Your Chance to Capitalize on a New TV Services that is Taking Over The Market, just like UBER did in the taxi industry and NETFLIX did in the video industry.
Everyone watches TV and just about EVERYONE feel's their current provider charges Too Much. True?! That's Why This Huge Opportunity and Huge Income $$ Potential Is UNLIMITED! Everyone wants and needs it! We also Guarantee That You Can't Lose ! (Not To Mention That I'm Letting You Try It Out For FREE...For 3 Whole Days !!!
I seek part-time, full-time...ANYTIME sales leaders with an entrepreneur mindset. If you consider yourself a leader then get ready! We need Bilingual and Spanish market leaders too. ( At the bottom is my link website for your FREE 3-Day Access)
If you are interested in distribution or promotional advantages for your client base, this is an excellent promotional product for business sales teams like solar, construction, TV/Radio/Cell Phone services, investment groups, real estate, phone rooms...ect. Organizations, unions, groups, churches, clubs, schools....ect.
Dish, DirecTV, Cox Cable, Time Warner, Spectrum, ATT are already scrambling to make changes... as you probably have noticed! We'll see which of them survive. Don't bet too much on any. Why do you think Verizon got out of the FIOS business? Cause they thought they'd make MORE $$ ... or LOSE $$ ?! I am getting people leaving these services to work with me...!
Have you heard of TVizion? Well...You Have Now and Will A Lot More! TVizion is the new Hot Player on the block that offers 500+ Channels, 100 Spanish Channels, Int'l Channels, All the Premium Channels like HBO and Showtime, All The Popular Sports Channels, On Demand Shows and Movies...all that...and more... for only $49.95. That's right $49.95! We are taking business away from all the big companies at an alarming rate and we NEED HELP and onboarding subscribers to join us...But You Can Try It For FREE For 3 DAYS...& You Can Convince Yourself! You'll Never Go Back.
Our service is packed with so much content that our phone is literally ringing off the hook and email box overflowing with customers. We only just launched a couple months ago...so we are only at the beginning of this monster success waiting for you, and the official launch will be at the beginning of the year so you are in the best position possible...RIGHT NOW!
Here's what has people flooding in droves to TVizion.
Only $49.95/Month! What ?! ( Are You Kidding Me?! ) Over 500 + channels, 100 Spanish Speaking Channels, Int'l Channels, All Premium Channels, On-Demand, No Installation Required, No Credit Check, No Activation Fee, Month to Month, and...Customers Can Take It Anywhere In The World...They Want. No Buffering and... works just like your cable or satellite TV service...Only Better...AND...at a Fraction Of The Cost...!
We are looking for Sales Leaders to help develop and onboard new subscribers. This is not a minimum wage job...it's NOT an MLM...but...an opportunity to develop and build 'Your Own Base' of TV Subscribers that YOU Are Paid A Monthly Commission on the Subscription Service and...an Upfront Commission on Equipment Sales...Plus Huge Overrides that are Unlimited!
The market is so huge it has a great window of opportunity for at least the next 3, 4 or more years to make huge revenues. By that time we will have so many other services we will literally become one of the biggest Television, Services and Marketing base Media Giants worldwide.
Imagine being one of the 1st Leaders for any of the Big TV Service Providers like (Dish, DirecTV) and...Compensated Each and Every Month...on Each Customer/Subscriber You Onboarded! $$$ !
Here's what we are looking for in the ideal candidate that will be selected to have a shot at the territory market leader.
1. Internet Access...some computer & internet skills. A computer and TV.
2. Bilingual a huge plus. (Any languages)
3. You Must Be...GOOD AT FOLLOWING INSTRUCTIONS...For Your Success !!! I will give you the secret to this success, so just follow these instructions... and You Can Write Your Own Ticket To Your Success.
4. Familiar with FaceBook and Social media a huge plus.
5. Sales experience a plus but not a requirement. We have a professional business coach that works with our leaders via webinar, conference calls, and live training.
6. Any business or service with 1 or even 10,000 + ...or more, employees would also benefit greatly!
I need YOU, to come and make a $ Million Dollar's with me ( I will show you how step by step )...so you can show others that they can do it too!
If you are interested in being considered for this Rare Opportunity...You'd Better Reply Right Away! ASAP! Pronto!...Like...What Are You Waiting For?! Christmas!?
By Christmas You Will Almost Certainly, Have Already Made...Huge Strides To Your Success Here... Unless Of Course...Your Neighbor Joins Me FIRST !...AND ...Then Signs YOU Up...Instead Of YOU SIGNING THEM UP!
If You Want To Be Successful Here...It's The Easiest Opportunity In The World...'IF', ...You Just Follow Simple Instructions (Follow These Simple Steps To Your Success that are at the bottom of this information )
1. Sign Up For My FREE 3-Day Access At This Link - https://tvizion.com/free/1010
2. Second look over your website that you will get for Free...even when you sign up...your referral website will be included at NO EXTRA CHARGE.
Get started using TVizion for FREE For 3 DAYS and You Will Be amazed at the HD clarity. If you want to wait three days before you sign up you can, but you'll want to sign up ASAP, after you see the quality.
3. My e-mail and phone # are at the Top Right of My Website., so e-mail me.
I Can Guarantee You...That...I Will Have One...and/or...Many Of Your Neighbors, Friends, Associates, Business Contacts & Businesses That Will...Join TVizion !!! FACT! So they will either Come To Me...and Forever Thank ME... for giving them this Rare Opportunity...OR...
...They can go to YOU...and Forever Thank YOU...and...YOU...WILL benefit from all that Tons Of Cash. It's Your Choice. Choose Wisely...Because..SOMEONE Will. Too Many People Are Looking For Something They Can Believe In. A WIN - WIN for EVERYONE.
What Other Business In The World Can Say, " Watch TV and Get Wealthy !" None ! TVizion Doesn't Cost...It Pays' ! You are guaranteed Not To Lose. The only way you can lose, is...if you don't take advantage of this...and then lose out on all you could have had...!
Where else can you have one of the top leaders in a business offer you an opportunity to make the same revenues he does!?
You are in the best hands in the world! Successful Hands! Offering You...His Hand! Where else? NO WHERE!
Why Is TVizion So Unique?
EVERYONE Hates Paying $100 to $250 Per Month For TV Service! EVERYONE Wants This! EVERYONE Needs This! Everyone Walks Around All Day With Their Phone In Their Face! EVERYONE Wants To Watch TV and Get Rich! EVERYONE! EVERYONE! EVERYONE! ( Did I Say...EVERYONE?! ) Oh, I'm Sorry...EVERYONE !!!
TVizion has no hidden fees, no cancellation fee, no contract, no activation fee, no installer that comes to your house, no ugly satellite dish on your house or apartment. TVizion works on your TV, Computer, Tablet, Mobile Device & Smart Phone. Works anywhere In The World...that you have internet access - Home, Office, Church, School, Bars, etc. for only $49.95 Monthly Subscription and...allows you to have it on any Three (3) Devices (TV...Mobile Devices Like Smartphone, Computer, Tablet, Mobile Device).
TVizion subscribers need to have internet access.
If you missed out when getting into BitCoin, Google, Facebook or Microsoft...you will never stop kicking yourself...'IF'... You Let This One Pass You By Too! Here's your chance to get in FIRST...This Time !!!
There is no absolutely No Doubt...that this is going to make a lot of people Very Wealthy. Take Your Spot...that is waiting for YOU...OR...Someone Else...Will Absolutely...Take Yours...! So Shall I Help Them Get Wealthy...Or shall I Help You!
Follow My Secret ( Yet Simple ) 'TVizion Blueprint For Success In 3 Steps ( that I will send you when you sign up after your FREE 3-Day )...that I will e-mail you immediately after you sign up...and will undoubtedly...not only...make huge insane commissions $$$...but...it is my goal and my commitment, to make some of you...Millionaires!
( Follow Directions For Your Success )
"Who Wants To Be My 1st Millionaire?!"
I Also Speak Fluent Spanish and Have Many Years Experience In Both Broadcast Markets. I Can Also Help You Develop Both Markets. We have the materials and the training in both English and Spanish...and you can simply use Google Translate to convert the website info.
Dejen su nombre, numero de telefono, su correo elctronico y ciudad donde viven y me comunicare con ud.
Sign Up For Your FREE 3-Day Access Right Now...(Copy and Paste The Link Below ASAP)
This is Alexander Diamonds Inviting YOU To Join Me In The Most Exciting & Lucrative Business In The World. We Will Dominate The Market In A Few Years. Be A Part Of Our Success...& You & Your Family, Friends & Associates Will Never Look Back...Except To Say "I Have Finally Found My Success & My Destiny!" Welcome To Our Success!
Get Your FREE 3-Day Access NOW !!!https://tvizion.com/free/1010
'TVizion Doesn't Cost...It Pays'
Alexander Diamonds
4 Star Director

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