23 Oct
Business Manager (Mid Cities)
Texas, Dallas / fort worth

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Are you multi-talented and extremely competent in office management, business, customer service, project management, tech/data, marketing/SM, and/or accounting? Some or even all of these skills? Have you been underutilized, underappreciated and under paid? If so, read on.... I'm a successful insurance agent (life and health) who has hit a glass ceiling, or the ability to continue growing clients while maintaining an acceptable level of excellence. I have great vision for the business. I'm very strong at sales and the face to face and telephone aspects of client acquisition, but I now need someone to completely compliment my skills and talents, and to provide the back office functions that support, facilitate and sustain growth. How do you know if you are the right person for this opportunity? Are you serious about your career, have incredible drive, and seek something where you can make a solid contribution? Do you know your own strengths? More importantly, do you know your own weaknesses? Because the one I'm looking for can completely understand what we should do internally, and what makes most sense to outsource, and can effectively select and manage a third party, while optimizing profitability while maintaining our high standards. In short, the right person will be able to play a critical role in growing our business into one of the most successful and most recognized agencies in the metroplex. Compensation will begin low and grow exactly proportionate to your ability to help grow and effectively manage our business. Possibly start part time and steadily grow hours and compensation? Let's put our heads together, maximize our own unique talents, and do this thing we do! Having prior insurance background could perhaps be helpful, but is definitely not required.

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