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21 Jul
Licensed Practical Nurse/Registered Nurse

Vacancy expired!

Licensed Practical Nurse / Registered Nurse


  • Current Virginia LPN or RN License

  • Certified in CPR

  • Experience in geriatrics or related health care

  • Knowledge of Infection Control Procedures

  • Understanding Universal Precautions

  • Implement leadership abilities in communication and interpersonal skills

Job Summary:

Provide direct resident care that reflects the Nursing Home’s philosophy and standards of care for all facility units. Motivates and supervises the day-to-day activities of the nursing staff. Dispense medications as ordered by the Dr. in conformance with recognized Standards of Pharmacology.


  • Be aware of all resident needs while maintaining the Standards of Practice for Nursing Care and implementing the Policies and Procedures of the Nursing Department

  • Assess the resident’s condition and nursing needs

  • Identify appropriate nursing actions to meet and implement the physical, psychological, social and rehabilitative needs of the resident

  • Ensure that care is given and documented for each resident in accordance with Quality Standards in the appropriate clinical records

  • Document pertinent observations and reactions regarding residents accurately, consistently, and legibly in the “Nurses Notes” in the residents chart.

  • Communicate any changes in the residents conditions during “Change of Shift Report”

  • Notify the resident’s physician and responsible parties as required

  • Administers medications and performs treatments as ordered to all residents according to established procedures

  • Act as a liaison between the resident, family, the Dr., and the health care team

  • Assist in making physician rounds as needed

  • Assist in taking off and the implementation of physician orders

  • Communicate any changes in the resident medications during “Change of Shift Report”

  • Maintain open communications with the residents, responsible parties, the Dr., and the health care team members

  • Creates resident care assignments with careful and equal distribution of resident load. Implement any necessary changes to resident care load to ensure all needed care is accomplished during the shift, in a timely manner

  • Utilize teaching opportunities with the resident, family and responsible parties, and member of the health care team

  • Promote a positive TEAM approach to accomplish objectives

  • Initiates emergency measures for adverse developments in residents

  • Assists staff with the development and usage of the Nursing Care Plan of Care for all residents

  • Provides positive leadership to CNA’s in reading and following resident Care Plan for all residents

  • Assist CNA’s in giving care to residents as needed to ensure residents are clean, fed, turned and repositioned in a timely safe manner

  • Provide resident care assignment when necessary

  • Participates in maintaining a clean and safe environment

  • Checks discharge charts for completion prior to forwarding to the DON

  • Attend staff meetings and participates in assignments for improvement of resident care

  • Maintains and promotes communication with all departments

  • Contributes to the staff evaluation process and determining staff requirements

  • Input to the DON regarding Employee Retention, Counseling, Probation and/or Dismissal

  • Attend In-Service as Posted

  • Assist the DON/ADON with designated tasks such as Quality Assurance Monitors

  • Perform additional duties/responsibilities as assigned

Physical Requirements:

  • Able to read, write and understand English

  • Visual and hearing ability to sufficiently comprehend written and verbal English communication

  • Must have handwriting/printing ability to produce documentation that is easily readable and reflects an appreciation for the residents medical file as a legal document

  • The ability to perform tasks that may require standing, excessive bending and lifting

  • The ability to work in a high stress area while able to perform competently in emergency situations

Organizational Relationships:

Reports to the ADON, the DON and the Administrator.

Vacancy expired!

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