17 Oct
Art-Based Project Manager, Full Time (Spokane Valley)
Washington, Spokane / coeur d'alene

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United Renderworks (unitedrenderworks.com) in Spokane Valley has an immediate need for an entry-level, full-time project manager with great organizational skills and excellent phone/customer service. We are a small but fast-growing start-up that provides architectural visualization services to architects and real-estate professionals throughout the United States.
Manage multiple short-term, fast-paced illustration projects synchronously with multiple clients.
Communicate daily with clients via phone and email.
Write daily work plans and instructions for remote freelancers and artists, and follow up on progress. Note that ability to write clear instructions is essential for this position.
Maintain schedules, deadlines and work early/late on occasion if required to meet deadlines.
Answer phones even after hours on occasion (this is a very rare occurrence).
Maintain quality and accuracy of project.
Maintain a positive attitude towards challenging clients even when they are not around.
Jump in and help with whatever need arises.
Coordinate schedules and staff with other PMs.Education & Experience:
A diploma or degree is a plus, but a demonstrated love for learning and a high level of self-education is a must.Skills:
Excellent writing and verbal skills.
Demonstrate professional phone and email etiquette.
Have a confident phone demeanor.
Comfortable in communicating and interacting with a highly educated clientele.
Comfortable using modern technology especially email, internet and other web-based tools.
Basic ability to read and understand architectural drawings and models (a high-school level knowledge would suffice).Personality traits:
Internal confidence without arrogance or ego.
No drama, moodiness or frequent 'bad days'.
High level of teachability and willingness to learn new things on an ongoing basis.
Receive and implement constructive feedback without taking offense.
Ability to provide thoughtful feedback on issues and inefficiencies, and suggest viable solutions. (Note that we expect everyone to contribute in office discussions. Employee feedback and input are essential to effectively growing our business. Sitting silently on the sidelines and just doing your job is not acceptable.)
Discretion with sensitive client or internal information.
Consistently reliable.
High degree of 'follow-through'.
Amiable and easy-to-get-along-with.
Respectful to others regardless of education, work-position, socioeconomic status, background, or differences in worldviews.Pluses (but not required):
A good sense of architectural aesthetics both modern and traditional.
Ability to explain why something does or does not look good.
Basic ability to open and navigate through 3D software like Sketchup and 2D software like Photoshop files... or the ability to quickly learn to do so.
Degree or experience in architecture, interior design, landscape design, drafting, engineering, real-estate, construction, or art.
Experience in project management.Compensation & Benefits:
Pay depends on experience starting at $12/hr.
Health benefits with full-time position.
3 weeks of flex paid time off.
Potential to work remotely/from home after fully trained.
Potential for working vacations, i.e. travel while working, once established/proficient at position.
Excellent no-language, no-gossip, positive professional work environment.
Flexible M-F work schedule.To apply, please email ALL of the following:
1. Cover letter as the body of the email (not attached)
2. Resume (attached as a PDF file)

Feel free to get a better sense of the type of work we do at unitedrenderworks.com.

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