06 Mar
Site Health and Safety Engineer
West Virginia,

Position description


The responsibility of the Site Health and Safety Engineer is to promote and improve both internal company, and external regulatory compliances through the application of WCM methodologies. The scope also includes, but is not limited to, SG and CTG policies, WCM standards, company objectives as well as compliance to all state and federal regulations.


  • Manage and develop the WCM Safety pillar

  • Proactively promote, train and coach the plant teams in the aspects of H&S

  • Work in close co-operation with the NA H&S Director to identify key Health and Safety trends for the site, proposing appropriate plans to improve

  • Ensure that all safety warnings are subject to a full SHEARO analysis highlighting any site deficiencies

  • Provide monthly progress updates for the health and safety pillar activities.

  • Seek out and adopt company and industry best practices and GPL's.

  • Conduct regular gap analysis of safety standards, define the actions required and execute to negate deficiencies.

  • Develop a cross functional team from Production, Shipping, Maintenance and Engineering to create annual budgets and action plans for health and safety activities.

  • Maintain positive working relationships with neighboring businesses and communities.

  • Ensure continued compliance to all calendar items that reflect time sensitive regulatory requirements.

  • Work with maintenance and engineering to develop EHS requirements section with-in work order format.

  • Develop and implement new employee training orientation and job requirements.

  • Maintain SMAT database and provide monthly progress and stratification.

  • Develop and train cross functional teams in the SHEARO and other key safety tools

  • Conduct and train workers to conduct critical task audits on the 29 SG Safety Standards.

  • Work in conjunction with the Facilities Engineer to manage XL Gaps and all Risk Prevention requirements related to health and safety.


  • Conduct noise level testing and explore ways to reduce noise levels

  • Conduct SG required TAS sampling

  • Manage the hearing conservation program which includes baseline and annual audiometric testing

  • Work closely with HR to drive Livewell initiatives

  • Evaluate opportunities for improvements in ergonomics, work flow, and housekeeping

  • Develop, maintain and execute required EHS training

  • Facilitate any incident investigations with the senior department managers, following up on all root causes and retrospective actions

  • Carry out safety inspections, risk assessments, aiding in the implementation of corrective actions and training as appropriate

  • Manage all EHS recordkeeping

  • Assist in the planning and coordination of EHS Days.

  • Present during Business Reviews and WCM Audits

  • Manages Site Hawk to ensure that SDS's are up-to-date




  • Requires a college degree in Engineering – Electrical, Mechanical, Industrial, or the equivalent education and/or experience to have a comprehensive knowledge of the practices, procedures and regulations. If no formal engineering degree, then relevant certifications are required.

  • Core competencies include effective verbal and written communication skills, listening skills, ability to organize and retrieve information, and to handle people tactfully and effectively in situations involving various educational and employment levels.

  • Requires proficient typing skills and to be expert with Microsoft Office Suite.

  • Must be able to learn and effectively use ERP type business systems and CMMS systems.

  • Must be flexible to adapt to changing and varying work requirements.


  • Work history that includes safety training and/or environmental training.

  • Ability to work independently with minimal general supervision

  • Display a can-do attitude and interact with others effectively


Responsible for staying on target for the health and safety budget.


Internal controls are a vital part of the duties and responsibilities of this job. As such, this person will need to become intimately familiar with the company internal controls policies and procedures and will be expected to perform the duties of the job in accordance with these guidelines.


This position does not have any direct reports


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