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Tanggal: 2 minggu yang lalu
Kota: Palangkaraya, Central Kalimantan
Jenis kontrak: Penuh waktu
About Yayasan Borneo Nature Indonesia

Yayasan Borneo Nature Indonesia (BNF Indonesia) is a science-based conservation organisation that works to protects tropical rainforests, biodiversity, and indigenous culture in Borneo.

We have been implementing rainforest conservation in Borneo for over 20 years. We partner with local stakeholders to implement landscape-level conservation strategies based on rigorous scientific studies, and support communities to develop sustainable livelihoods that complement environmental protection, and creating a generation that values and cares for the environment.

Position Description:

An exciting opportunity has come up to join Yayasan Borneo Nature Indonesia (BNF) to take overall responsibility for managing BNF’s Sebangau Programme research activities implementation in the Sebangau National Park (BTNS). This is a high profile, rewarding role that will involve working with local research partners, the BNF Research Division, Indonesian Research Coordinators, and field staff to deliver monthly and annual research objectives.

Scientifically rigorous research is at the heart of effective, sustainable conservation strategies and underpins all of BNF’s conservation efforts. BNF is proud to be recognised as a regional Centre of Excellence for tropical ecology research in partnership with BTNS. By joining us as Sebangau Programme Research Manager, you will play a pivotal role in coordination research implementation of primatological, biodiversity/wildlife monitoring, and tropical ecology projects.

Place of Work: The role is expected to be based 80% of the time in the field sites/LAHG camp for consecutive days, and 20% in the BNF office in Palangka Raya city; balancing work priorities according to monthly schedule and coordination needs.

Role and Responsibilities:

1. You will be responsible for the effective coordination of research and wildlife monitoring implementation activities within the Sebangau landscape. This will imply:

a. Ensuring the overall smooth field day to day operations of the BNF research programme within the Sebangau landscape and identify and implement improvements wherever possible. This encompasses a wide range of responsibilities, including logistical oversight, field scheduling, equipment needs, staff and data management.

b. Ensuring a close communication between yourself, the Head of the Sebangau Programme, relevant BNF Research Division scientific staff (e.g., Primate Scientist, Cat Scientist, Ecologist, etc) and BNF International Scientific Advisory Board to ensure their instructions are delivered, so that annual research targets are met and monthly work schedules support achievement of these targets.

c. Working with the Head of the Sebangau Programme & BNF Scientists to develop and implement annual workplans as well as training programmes for the Sebangau Research Team and BTNS staff, thus allowing individuals to build capacity in their current role and progress in their career.

d. Overall responsibility for ensuring all data is input accurately and backed up regularly; raw data collated and stored properly; all research equipment maintained in good condition, repaired, or replaced when necessary following procurement procedures; inventory of equipment kept up to date and synchronised with finance team.

e. Discuss and present to BNF scientist and Scientific Advisory Board new potential research studies in the field of biodiversity conservation and natural resource management within the Sebangau landscape, work with BNF scientist on research development (in particular feeding back input from BTNS and other partners), publications and attend symposiums and conferences when needed.

2. You will also be responsible for the correct financial management of the LAHG and Sebangau Research Division, following the financial processes and projection/reporting procedures in place. Manage a cash float issued to you and ensure staff under your management manage and report their cash advances properly.

3. Act as Line Manager for the LAHG team, with a total of 20 staff members including research coordinators, field assistants, cooks and all other staff; dealing with all staffing issues that arise liaising with HR as required, checking on the team’s welfare at work to maintain a good team cohesion and act as their representative to support the team within the whole BNF organisation.

4. Liaising with external partners including BTNS, CIMTROP, and local/international Universities as needed. Coordinate camp logistics with CIMTROP and their assigned camp manager. Report any issues that require attention by CIMTROP, including maintenance and repair of facilities, provision of medical & safety supplies, and so on.

5. Supporting the International Visits Coordinator for the coordination of Local/International Visits, including supporting upcoming expeditions and/or field courses, volunteer expeditions, tour-groups, and school visits, including pre-expedition logistical planning, validating with the field team the schedule of activities, supporting field courses in partnership with BNF Scientists and the International Visits coordinator and providing training opportunities to local and international students as well as facilitating the support needed to implement their research. Support the Education Division to ensure all joint education activities such as field visits by schools and communities proceed smoothly and successfully, ensuring that all safety protocols and procedures are in place and appropriate field staff assigned to support these activities.

6. Responsible for the improvement of all standards for the LAHG/other camp management, including sustainability, waste management, health & safety, working efficiency and high-quality of facilities for visitors.

7. Work together with Communications Division to ensure a regular stream of good quality photographs/videos, written materials, website and social media articles and similar are produced in order to promote the Sebangau research.

  • Master’s degree in environmental science, Forestry, Biology, Primatology, or related disciplines. (Bachelor’s degree holders with relevant work experience will also be considered).
  • Good spoken English and Indonesian languages.
  • Demonstrated experience in research or conservation projects in tropical forests, with a minimum of 1 year of experience.
  • Demonstrated ability to coordinate field research and wildlife monitoring activities effectively.
  • Strong organizational skills to ensure smooth day-to-day operations.
  • Excellent communication skills to facilitate close coordination with program heads, research division staff, and advisory boards.
  • Ability to develop and implement annual work plans, training programs, and research development initiatives.
How to Apply:

Please send your CV, Cover Letter and Essay : why are you a good fit for this position and what would you bring to this role (2 pages max.) to email address : *********** and

Application received not later than 28th February 2024. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for an interview.

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