Lineman C - A - #19543457

American Electric Power

Date: Apr 5, 2021
City: Nashville, AR
Contract type: Full time
American Electric Power

Job Description

This position is posted as a range; Pay, title and grade will be based on the qualifications of the individual selected

Residency Requirements: Successful candidate must reside within a 30 minute drive from the Nashville Service Center, AR, in normal driving conditions.

Perform work involved with the installation, rearrangement, maintenance, operation, removal, and inspection of electrical transmission and distribution facilities, drive and operate line trucks and associated auxiliary equipment. All job duties apply to overhead and underground equipment and facilities. The Lineman C builds upon the skills, abilities and knowledge learned as a Lineman D (or equivalent).

Essential Job Functions & Tasks : Assemble, install, maintain, remove and competently inspect underground facilities, conductors, fixtures, structures and other associated equipment on de-energized and grounded overhead and underground facilities under immediate or general supervision.

During the first six months in this classification, shall be capable of working on conductors and equipment energized up to 260 volts under general supervision. Assist with work on conductors and equipment energized at secondary voltages to 600 volts under immediate supervision of higher classification.

After six months in this classification, shall be capable of working on conductors and equipment energized up to 600 volts under general supervision.

Use volt-amp meters, ground meggers, continuity testers and other electrical test equipment associated with line work on voltages up to 600 volts.

Apply various kinds of insulating protective equipment on facilities energized only at voltage qualified to work on.

Under direct supervision, the employee may operate cutouts, line switches, reclosers, and other sectionalizing devices, refuse line and transformer devices, test de-energized lines and equipment, and place or remove grounds. During this time frame, the employee may progress from direct supervision to immediate and finally general supervision as skill level dictates.

Build and erect equipment mountings (such as regulator and transformer platforms) and build overhead transformer installations. Conduct proper tagging procedures while performing switching of energized circuits

Perform inspection and trouble-shooting of lines.

Perform similar or less skilled work as assigned.

Direct the work of employees assigned to assist.

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