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Marine Steward

Date: Oct 15, 2021
City: Idleyld Park, OR
Contract type: Full time
Marine Steward

The MSC is looking for an events producer to support delivery of its flagship event, the Seafood Futures Forum (SFF) to be held in Barcelona in April 2022, together with support for delivering our virtual events.

We're looking for individuals working in freelance capacity, or a small agency team.

London or Barcelona

What we're looking for

The MSC is looking to hire a freelance event producer (either a contractor or someone from a small agency) with a can-do attitude and experience in delivering hybrid events, running panel presentations and overseeing event coordination, to oversee the production and technical aspects and delivery of Seafood Futures Forum (SFF). There is also the opportunity to work with the organisation on an ongoing basis around other online events.

The producer will work under the guidance of an event lead or project sponsor, who will be a permanent member of MSC staff

Scope of work

  • The events producer will support our Global Communications Team to deliver SSF and other online events. They will organise meetings of the MSC’s project team, helping them to deliver the event, and ensuring that MSC staff and contractors stay on track.

  • They will provide technical expertise in events management, working with the event lead / project sponsor to recommend and contract vendors including securing venues, food sourcing technical staff and platforms (e.g. webinar platforms) and other suppliers and will then work with the event lead to manage those staff and direct them. They liaise with all necessary venue and expo staff.

  • Working with the event lead / project sponsor they will help to manage expenditure while continually seeking ways to reduce cost, invoicing and ensure that the event is either delivered on budget, or that any over budget spends are agreed with the event lead.

They will oversee all production and technical aspects of each event, including managing the physical and technical set up of events and ensuring the hiring, transport, set up and working order of all AV equipment.

  • They will support the team in developing any marketing and communications materials, including leaflets, banners and presentations.

  • They may be requested to support with logistics related to the MSC’s wider presence at Seafood Expo Global, including the set-up of the MSC’s stand and staff presence.

  • They may be requested to support the MSC’s delivery of webinars and online events on an ad hoc basis.

the project manager is not expected to be an expert in the seafood industry, marketing or communications. The MSC's project team will be responsible for setting the theme of the event, recruiting panellists, designing any marketing materials, promoting the event, managing invitations and writing communications.

Relevant experience required

  • Relevant, demonstrable experience of delivering hybrid events, with a focus on technical delivery, managing suppliers and briefing teams to ensure a smooth delivery.

  • Working with online meeting platform providers such as Zoom or Workcast.

  • Overseeing and briefing participants in panel discussions, including developing briefings.

  • Experience of setting up and running PowerPoint presentations.

  • Experience of Mail Chimp and Eventbrite or other equivalent newsletter and events management platforms.

  • Experience of problem solving and troubleshooting to ensure that events run smoothly.

  • Experience in negotiating with suppliers and improving cost-efficiency of events.

  • Experience managing invoicing and contractor payments.

Resourcing required

This project will start in November 2021 and continue into May 2022.

Planning and delivery of the Seafood Futures Forum will scale up towards the middle and end of the contract. Therefore, the commitment and hours needed are likely to increase over the project term. We’re happy to discuss how to manage this uplift but would envisage an initial commitment of one day a week until December rising to two days a week from January, with a possible uplift to 4 days a week in April. This increased resource could be met through either increasing contracted hours for one individual, or, in the case of an agency, growing the account team

About the MSC and our events

The Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) is a global not-for-profit working to recognise and reward sustainable fishing. Our vision is for the world’s oceans to be teeming with life – today, tomorrow and for generations to come. We work with fisheries, businesses, NGOs and scientists around the world to achieve our mission. Consumers can find the blue MSC label on seafood at grocery stores, fishmongers and restaurants.

The MSC holds a small but growing number of thought leadership events and webinars, mostly targeting the private sector, scientists, NGOs, policy makers and other key opinion influencers. We use these events to share new research and updates about the impact of the MSC programme, to raise awareness of the need for sustainable fishing and to convene stakeholders from across the value chain of the seafood industry and discuss how to accelerate progress on sustainability. Examples of events we have held in the past include: the launch of a briefing paper on the importance of sustainably managing Small Pelagic species and a panel discussion bringing together senior leaders from industry and NGOs to discuss; and a virtual conference with stakeholders to explain and consult on proposals for the review of MSC’s fishery standard.

The MSC’s flagship event is the Seafood Futures Forum which is held every year at Seafood Expo Global, the world’s largest seafood trade fair and livestreamed to a global audience. The event typically involves keynote presentations, a panel debate and a Q&A from the audience. It brings seafood producers, suppliers, retailers and NGOs together for an engaging discussion to create action for the future of sustainable seafood. For the past two years Seafood Expo Global has been cancelled due to the COVID pandemic and MSC has not run Seafood Futures Forum. However, we are expecting to hold the Forum again in April 2022, potentially in a hybrid format with a smaller live audience and more focus on involving the online global audience. 2022 will also see the event take place in Barcelona for the first time, after the Expo was moved from its former venue in Brussels. The likely date for the 2022 the Forum is Wednesday 27 April

To apply

If you'd like to be considered for this opportunity, please contact Stephanie Shepherd, Senior Corporate Communications Manager with a CV and a brief letter explaining your experience and suitability.

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